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Page: Convert embedded fonts to outlines (Practical Preservation Issues)
I have an EPS file that contains text in a particular, unusual font. The font has been embedded, so the rendering of the EPS looks fine. I can also convert easily to PDF or PS, keeping the font embedded along ...
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Page: Permission Overlays (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title \\ Permission Overlays Detailed description Disk images often contain information to which they should apply access restrictions.  This can include deleted files, file fragments, Windows registry hives, and various system files.  This particular ...
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Page: Permissions Overlays (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title Permissions Overlays Detailed description Assigning read permissions to files contained in a file system image and developing a web front end that will allow for browsing of the file systems and indicate/enforce permissions. Solution Champion Swithun Crowe ([email protected]) Corresponding ...
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