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advocacy, appraisal_assessment, aqua, attachment, audio, basic, batch, benefits, bit_rot, bit_rot_detection, black cataloguing, catchoom, chapel_hill, characterisation, conformance, context, corruption, csv dataset, data_capture, detection, digital_preservation_officer, disk_image, document, duplication
elevatorpitch, elevator_pitch, email, embedded_objects, emulation, eprint, excel, exiftool, export, extractor, file, fixity, frequency geodata, gephi, graphs, htm, html, identification, image, image-recognition, integrity, issue java, jhove, jpeg, jpeg2000, keyword
macro, malformed, management, mapping, matching, metadata, microsoft, migration, miscellaneous, mixed, mixed_misc, msg, multi nodejs, obsolescence, ocr, office, opf parallel, pdf, photoshop, php, pixels, planning_management, plannning_management, process, processing, prototype, prototyping, pst, qa
report, requirements, researchdata scanline, server, sharepoint, skillsgapanalysis, software, solution, spruce, spruce_glasgow, spruce_london, spruce_londond_2, spruce_london_2, stakeholderanalysis, strategy, structural_relationships, system_obsolescence tif, tiff, tips, tool, unknown_characteristics, unknown_file_formats, unsolved, unsolved_issue, untagged
validation, value_of_digital_preservation, video, visual, visualisation, web, well-formedness, windows, xml