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Page: Externally Generated Content (AQuA)
Basic description This is a donated collection to King's College London Archives. It is the archive of a war studies academic who was a lecturer at Sandhurst. It is part of a hybrid collection, containing paper and digital. This particular part of the collection contains floppy disks, chiefly backups from ...
Other labels: dataset, diskimage, document
Page: Gormley Flash (BL) (AQuA)
Basic description 2400 x 35ms flash images of recent Gormley exhibition on 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square Licensing Institution BL Collection expert [email protected] List of issues AQuA:Player stops part way through some of the performances
Other labels: dataset, video
Page: Historic photographic collection (AQuA)
Basic description Photographic negatives and prints dating from 18901940. Multiple source formats: 35mm Nitrate acetate Prints (various types) Albums \\ \\ Each format digitised by a separate supplier over the course of 18 months. In theory all the prints ...
Other labels: dataset, image
Page: Identify compressed TIFFs and convert them to uncompressed TIFFs (AQuA)
One line summary Given is a list of TIFF images, some of them are compressed as "Group 4 Fax" TIFF images. The compression causes issues in some application contexts, therefore it might be required to remove the compression from a large TIFF images ...
Other labels: fits, format, characterisation, migration, conversion, gimp, fu-script, taverna
Page: Identifying rotated, duplicate images using pHash (AQuA)
One line summary Identifying duplicate images rotated during postprocessing Detailed description Several tools, including XCL Extractor/Comparator, ImageJ and pHash were briefly explored to determine if an image was a rotated copy of another image. The solution ...
Other labels: image, de-duplication, comparison, solution, quality_assurance
Page: Identifying the content of Email Mailboxes - Solution (AQuA)
One line description Python script using the standard Python mbox library can be used to count individual mail messages and export them. An additional custom script was written to analyse the contents of TOC data unique to Eudora mail ...
Other labels: solution, email, identification
Page: java image blocks comparison (AQuA)
One line summary Based on the blog entry: it can be shown that a basic jpg image comparision can be achieved with just a few lines of code.             &nbsp ...
Other labels: de-duplication, solution, quality_assurance
Page: JISC1 19th Century Digitised Newspapers (BL) (AQuA)
Basic description 1000000\ digitised newspaper pages from the 19th Century. TIFF masters, cropped TIFF service images, ALTO XML and METS XML. Collection sample contains migrated JPEG2000s, some were truncated in a faulty migration process ...
Other labels: dataset, image
Page: jp2 header analysis (AQuA)
One line summary "image not available" in Google Books                                             &nbsp ...
Other labels: quality_assurance, solution
Page: Mass digitisation of images (York) (AQuA)
Basic description A rapid digitisation project is digitising some 200,000 plus archival documents in five months. The project will create TIFF master images and is being carried out inhouse, using an SMA bookscanner and two Nikon digital cameras ...
Other labels: dataset, image