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h2. Overview

One of the main goals of the Open Planets Foundation is to <b>SUPPORT</b> *SUPPORT* the development of&nbsp;maintainable of maintainable "turn-key" digital preservation software.

To this extent we recommend that a simplistic well utilised strategy be employed when developing software, keeping use of many disparate services to a minimum where possible.&nbsp;

The Open Planets Foundation recommends using GitHub to manage source code control and to provide the following features:
The OPF recommends using GitHub to manage source code and revision control, please read the [OPF's GitHub Guide|GitHub Guide].

* To put the software description and README
* To manage your source code
* To manage a roadmap via the issue tracker

Further to this the Open Planets Foundation main website has a series of software pages that are automatically populated from content in github, GitHub, so <b>you</b> *you* are in control of your piece of software.&nbsp;

To find out more about getting your piece of software published via the Open Planets Foundation website, please read the [Software Development Guidelines]