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{pageTree:[email protected]}| *Title* \\ | _Scientific datasets relevant to STFC facilities_ \\ |
| *Description* | There are three categories of scientific datasets: \\
* *Raw data:* data files captured from the instruments, they are typically in two formats: _raw_ and _NeXus_.
** [Nexus data files|SP:Nexus data files from instruments]
* *Catalogue data*: each dataset from an experiment is associated with a set of catalogue entries, specified using the Core Scientific MetaData model (CSMD). The available sample catelogue data is XML under CSMD.
** [ICAT data catalogue entries|SP:Catalogue Data for the Scientific datasets]
* *Processed data*: data files captured through data reduction and analysis processes.
** [Process datasets and the related context (workflow, software, provenance)|SP:Processed scientific datasets] |
| *Licensing* | _See the STFC Data Policy_ for the SCAPE project |
| *Owner* | Research investigators, then, when the data becomes public, it will be owned by the public. \\ |
| *Dataset Location* | Raw and catalogue data availability: [] \\
Processed data is not owned by STFC, so, not available \\ |
| *Collection expert* | Catherine Jones (STFC) |
| | | {pageTree:[email protected]}