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| *Detailed description* | A simple method for doing a rule-based assessment of JP2 images using Jpylyzer and the Schematron validation language. See the following OPF blog post for details: [] |
| *[Solution Champion|SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages]* \\ | [Johan van der Knijff|] (KB) |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* \\ | _A bulletted list of links to Issues to which this provides a Solution_ \\ |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* \\ | * [SP:IS1 Digitised TIFFs do not meet storage and access requirements]
* [SP:IS2 Do acquired files conform to an agreed technical profile, are they valid and are they complete?] |
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| *Tool Registry Link* \\ | [TR:Jpylyzer]; \\ |
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