Emulation Hackathon - Travel and Accommodation

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h1. Getting to the hackathon venue:

If your hotel is close to the main train station, take the "Breisgau S-Bahn" to get to the conference venue. The schedule can be seen here: +[+Fahrpl-BR-2012.pdf+|^Fahrpl-BR-2012.pdf]+.

The train starts/terminates in Freiburg Hbf. To get to venue, take the "Breisach" direction. Exit at "Neue Messe/Universität". It is the first or second stop (depends on time and day).\\



The hackathon will be in building 101 (marked as building 1 on the map), 3. floor. The train station is marked with "H" on the map.

h1. Hotels

*InterCityHotel Freiburg*
Bismarckallee 3, 79098 Freiburg
Telephone: \+49 761 3800-888, Email:[email protected]
75 € Single, 94 € Double, Bookingcode: NBUNV

* convenient location, 3-5 min walk to the train stations. See remarks for the InterCityHotel.

h1. Travel information to Freiburg

*By Train:*