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There are a number of recent conference papers and blogs outlining the *on-going challenges* surrounding file formation identification and characterisation, and many of the writers of these resources will be at the event for face-to-face discussion sessions. Please take a look at the resources page: [Resources - SCAPE Training event - Guimaraes|SP:Resources - SCAPE Training event - Guimaraes].

h2. *Learning Outcomes (by the end of the training event the attendees will be able to):*

{panel}1. Distinguish between different file types and identify the requirements for characterising each of them.

2. Carry out a number of identification, characterisation, and duplication detection experiments on example files.
5. Envisage a system that combines workflows with identification, characterisation and validation tools to suit a variety of scenarios.

6. Conduct an in-depth analysis of large volumes of identification and characterisation data and find representative sample records suitable for preservation planning experiments.{panel}

The full agenda can be seen here:[SP:Agenda - SCAPE Training event - Guimaraes]\\

h2. *Who should attend?  *
h2. Further information

If you have any questions about the event please email us:  us: [email protected]

For more information about the SCAPE project, please visit the website: [|]