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| *Title* | SO36 Perform scalable search for small sound chunks in large audio archive \\ |
| *Detailed description* | _A detailed description of the Solution. Feel free to include links to further information (eg. OPF blog posts\!). Note that a Solution is a specific digital preservation application of a software tool or tools. It might for example be a scripted tool, or a myExperiment workflow._ \\ |
| *Detailed description* | We proposed using the xcorrSound sound_index tool developed in late 2012. A sound index can be made of a number of sound files. Given the program information, the jingle or intro used to mark the start of the program, can then be found in the sound index with an exact timestamp, which can be added to the metadata for the sound files making it possible to cut out single programs automatically when requested. The future of this solution is putting the new tool into a workflow and start testing and evaluation |
| *[Solution Champion|SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages]* \\ | _BAM_ [Bolette Jurik|] (SB) |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* \\ | _A bulletted list of links to Issues to which this provides a Solution_ \\ |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* \\ | * [SP:IS45 Audio and Video Recordings have unreliable broadcast time information] |
| *myExperiment Link* \\ | _A link to a corresponding workflow on_ _[myExperiment|]_ \\ |
| *Tool Registry Link* \\ | _A link to information about the tool itself. Ideally this should point to an entry in_ _[the OPF Tool Registry|]_ [Click here if you need to create a new Tool Registry entry|]\\ |