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Who could use it? anyone who is using a debian based distro (apt-get install jpylyzer)


Institution wants to save on long term storage costs, thus migrates TIFF to JP2000. Jpylyzer enables the validation of derived JP2000s against the specification. Thereby JP2000 becomes a much more attractive alternative to TIFF. Jpylyzer can also be used to validate JP2000 images delivered by a service provider against a technical profile,

"Jpylyzer - JP2000 validation made easy"

Why validate? And how?

What did SCAPE contribute?

Examples of use (Intranda/Goobi, Wellcome Library)

Given some JP2000 files (from migration, from digitisation provider, other) validating these against the specification will reveal damaged images and ensure the quality of the produced files (validty is reassuring everything ẃas done correctly)

"Jpylyzer - better than random sampling" (Maureen)