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This page aims to plan a revision repackaging of PLATO to meet current needs and practices and make it more easily deployable based on maven and a-la-carte technologies.

h4. Team
* Gerald de Jong (OPF)

h4. Technical

* take out IF dependencies such as logging, XCL, user-management, migration-engine wrapper
* make user management independent of the planets IF stack to make PLATO deployable on an out-of-the-box JBoss

h4. Planning

Christoph Becker and Markus Hamm: take out dependencies

h5. Skype Calls
Maurice de Rooij: make user management independent

h4. Discussion

* export resultdata to re-use in plan/spreadsheet etc.
* import resultdata from Testbed-experiments
* move Plato codebase from Planets Suite to own "location"
* investigate version upgrades of JBoss/SEAM

h4. Skype calls


h4. Technical