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|| || Preservation Procedure Policy: Standard for Audit and certification ||
| || Related Guidance Policy \\ | Audit and Certification |
| Definition/ Description | An audit might lead to a certification of a digital repository if the repository meets the qualifications. \\ |
| || Why | If an organisation has the explicit wish, or is forced to be by funders, for example, to undergo an audit, it is important to mention which standards for Audit and Certification are applicable. Currently the main standards are \\
\-      Data Seal of Approval \\
\-      DIN 31644 \\
\-      ISO 16363 \\
The [European Framework for Audit and Certification|] describes three levels: from basic to full certification. \\ |
| || Risks | If the level of Audit and Certification is not mentioned, the funding bodies and the public might be misled \\ |
| || Life cycle stage | Curate and Preserve |
| || Stakeholder | *Management*: decides whether an audit and certification will take place \\
*Auditor*: responsible for the audit process \\ |
| || Cross Reference | Standards |
| || Examples | National Library of Australia: “_In developing or adopting relevant systems and infrastructure, the Library aims to operate within the principles of reliable digital repositories as defined by international standards and best practices_(…)” Source:, [|]\\ \\
John Hopkins University Libraries:  “_The Sheridan Libraries Library Digital Program and the Sheridan Libraries Systems Department are responsible for repository audits. The repository audit establishes confidence in the authenticity and completeness of digital content. All managed activities will be documented according to evolving standards so as to provide an audit trail which meets criteria as described in the Implementation Plan required by projects such as The Center for Research Libraries Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification (TRAC)_” Source: [|]\\ |
| || Control Policy | To be able to achieve this objective, the control policies will be described in the sections relating to the specific activity, there isn’t anything specific to Audit and Certification per se. \\ |
| || Questions to foster discussions | * Has your organisation decided whether to be certified or not?
* Has your organisation decided on a standard to use in the certification process?
* What is the main reason to get audited/certified?