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h2. Dataset

The DICOM medical data for this experiment comes from the overall WCPT dataset described here: [\|../../../../../../../../../../display/SP/WCPT+medical+dataset|].  here: [|../../../../../../../../../../display/SP/WCPT+medical+dataset\||]. 

h2. Purpose of this experiment

The main goal of this experiment is to test performance of a single instance of the DICOM data provider which is running on one of the nodes of the PSNC Hadoop cluster. The resulting statistics should show how many request can be handled by a single DICOM data provider which is running on PSNC Hadoop cluster.

h2. Platform

_Name and link to the experiment platform_
PSNC Hadoop Platform ([|../../../../../../../../../../display/SP/PSNC+Hadoop+Platform])

h2. Workflow

_Description and ideally a link to a Taverna workflow._
__The following steps will be undertaken and evaluated in this experiment:

# Produce multiple request for downloading random DICOM files 
# Locate corresponding DICOM file
# Create response and send to the requesting client
# Receive the response from the DICOM data provider

h2. Requirements and Policies

_Policy statements that relate to this experiment and any evaluation criteria taken from SCAPE metrics_
It is required that only a single instane of the DICOM data provider is used. We do not envision additional instances which (e.g. load-balanced). 

h2. Evaluations