Imperial College Exploration Board Adventure 2001 Comprising Overland Pakistan and Biafo Climbing Nick Adlam Alain Hosley James Smyth Tim Harris Nick Saunders

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\\ |
| *Description* | Imperial College created on an Apple Mac report of student expedition 1 volume 30 pages scanned images no metadata available, converted to PDF uploaded to webpage. \\
Down loaded by  College Archives & Corporate Records Unit (ACRU) and converted to PDF/A for preservation storage \\
\\ |
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| *Licensing* | Available via web page \\
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| *Owner* | _Imperial College LondonT he Institution that owns the Dataset._ \\ |
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| *Owner* | Imperial College London . \\ |
| *Dataset Location* | Contact [email protected] \\ |
| *Collection Champion* | Anne Barrett_ _ |
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