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JHOVE2 does not have any GUI. It is a command-line-tool only.

WARNING: JHOVE2 does not tolerate ANY empty spaces. The path should not have any empty spaces, so this would not work: !JHOVE2_1.jpg|border=1!


This does: (change to partend folder via "cd\") !JHOVE2_2.jpg|border=1!

Navigate via "cd" to the jhove2-directory. You can show all folders in the currently chosen folder via "dir".

An example for a whole command path is the following:

jhove2 -i -o output.txt C:\FileSample\image\TIFFs\ZBWTiffSample\003\00330024\00330024.TIF
jhove2 \-i \-o output.txt C:\FileSample\image\TIFFs\ZBWTiffSample\003\00330024\00330024.TIF

I recommand to change the output to xml, as the txt-format is very difficult to read.

jhove2 jhove2 -i -d XML -o outtrim.xml C:\FileSample\image\TIFFs\ZBWTiffSample\003\00330024\00330024.TIF
jhove2 jhove2 \-i \-d XML \-o outtrim.xml C:\FileSample\image\TIFFs\ZBWTiffSample\003\00330024\00330024.TIF

Here are examples for the [JHOVE2 output|^JHOVE2out.xml] and the [JHOVE output|^JhoveOutput.xml] of the very same file. As the wordyness of JHOVE2 is almost unbelieveable (there is all the information in it one can possibly gather about room and time at the moment of the TIFF examination), it is even difficult to tell if the finding is "TIFF file valid" or "TIFF file not valid". JHOVE certainly thinks it is valid, JHOVE2, on the other hand, examines each TIFF Tag of validity.

To have a much better overview about what JHOVE2 actually critizises, please have a look at my [customized xml + xslt sheet|^JHOVE2OutputTrimmed.zip]. The source code to trim the original xml output is [here|https://github.com/friesey/jhoveValidations/blob/master/jhoveValidations/src/outputs/Jhove2Outputs.java] (I hope I will correct the still hard-coded path to the xml-output pretty soon \:-) ).