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The main part of the Year 4 work in the PA/5 workpackage of PLANETS involved GRATE. There is a distinction between GRATE 1.0 (the original stand-alone), GRATE 1.5 (the webservice) and GRATE-R (the PLANETS remote emulator service).

The GRATE 1.0 wrapper fired off the QEMU and DIOSCURI emulators. For the emulation integration project UzK wrote the GRATE 1.5 wrapper for packaging files, transport file to emulator (floppy\- or ISO image, container file), a ' [GrateView?|/apps/trac/planets-suite/wiki/GrateView] ' 'GrateView' component with certain set of information that can be run from within the Testbed. This is in fact GRATE 1.5, used for Dioscuri at the Y3 review.

The idea for the next generation was that GRATE will, by itself, load production container files from a registry to the emulator. This project took the form of a component based approach in the spirit of Dioscuri. This, however, made it totally different from GRATE, so rather than using a 2.0 denominator we called it GRATE-R (where \-R stands for Revised).

GRATE-R has an emulation workflow engine, and three services developed as components: