Just what is a SPRUCE Mashup and what's in it for me?

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{tip}{*}{_}Just what is a SPRUCE Mashup?_{*}_ What's it about and what will I get out of it if I attend? More importantly, what do I tell my boss to convince him/her to let me out of the office for 3 days?_

Its a little difficult to describe what our mashups are like. Ideally you need to see one first hand to understand what we do and what value it has. However, we've had a go at collating information about our mashups on this page to try and communicate what it's all about...{tip}


h4. What is a SPRUCE style mashup?

The answer is: "F", all of the above. We borrowed liberally from a variety of innovative event formats and added some structure and participant roles to place an emphasis on capturing real life challenges. This puts the end users in the driving seat and makes sure our efforts are focussed on the right targets. Our original aim was to solve digital preservation challenges ([something we've done lots of|REQ:Digital Preservation and Data Curation Requirements and Solutions]), but the added benefit, and perhaps the most valuable output from the events, seems to be the knowledge and skills exchange between the participants. Hence we dubbed the whole concept "People Mashing" when we [presented the event format at the iPRES Conference in 2011|http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/43837/].

h4. I'm not sure if I have what it takes to attend a Mashup?
h4. What events did SPRUCE run?

Attending a mashup means you have to contribute to the event. We don't allow observers. But that's the main requirement. You don't need prior "digital preservation" experience. In fact, our events are a great way to learn about managing digital collections. For more information about roles to play during an event and what you need to prepare in advance see [this page|SPR:What you need to prepare before attending a SPRUCE mashup].

We've had a number of attendees who have been a little intimidated by the idea of coming to a Mashup, but they've quickly found that we create a welcoming, friendly and none-judgemental environment. Technical skills are not a requirement, and our events actually benefit from having attendees with all sorts of skills and viewpoints.

h4. How do I convince my boss to let me go to a "Mashup" for 3 days?

_A Mashup? What's that? Sounds like a waste of time. Why not go to a conference instead?_

Several of our attendees have noted that it wasn't easy to persuade their boss to let them come to a strange Mashup event for 3 whole days, when attendance of a relevant conference would typically get the nod of approval. Said attendees also stated that they got much more out of attending a hands on event, such as one of our Mashups, than they do from attending another conference. And here lies the key argument. Our events are jam packed full of hands-on work and knowledge exchange. Our attendees learn much more by doing, rather than just listening or talking. We'd suggest that this is the best argument to present\!

h4. Ok, ok, where do I sign up?

See our [Events page|SPR:SPRUCE Events] for full details of all our upcoming events. Follow @sprucedp for the latest updates.
SPRUCE delivered 3 mashup events and 1 hackathon. It also partnered with the OPF and DPC to deliver other related events. Full details of [SPRUCE events can be found here|SPR:SPRUCE Events].