The SPRUCE Business Case for Digital Preservation

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* [SPR:London2 Business Plan Results]

h4. Useful Business Case links
* [Balanced Value Impact Model|]
* [Toolkit for the Impact of Digitised Scholarly Resources (TIDSR)|]
* [Building a Business Case (Exploiting Activity Data in the Academic Environment) (JISC)|]

h4. Funding links

* [Finding funding - National Archives UK blog|]
* [Bring us your revenue models|]

h4. Articulating the problem

* [The Atlas of Digital Damages|[email protected]/pool/]
* [dsalo's digital horror stories|]
* [Largest Data Breaches|]

h4. Other

* [Sustaining our Digital Future|] and [blog post from NLW|]
* [Assessing the impact of digitised collections|]
* [How to feed, nourish and sustain your digital resources|]
* [JISC Impact Analysis|]
* [JISC Records and Information Management Impact Calculator|], [3E’s Benefits Matrix (with examples)|], [Impact Calculator Webinar|]
* [JISC Infonet Measurement Tools|]
* Stack Exchange question: [What has been found to be the most effective alternate term for “digital preservation” when communicating beyond the library and archives community?|]
* [JISCmrd projects moving towards sustainability|]
* [The Value of Research Data Metrics for datasets from a cultural and technical point of view|]
* [NERC Data Value Checklist|]
* Skills - [DigCurve|]
* [Contextualising New Business Models (CREATe)|]