Digital Preservation Requirements and Solutions

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{info}The pages below form a network of *Datsets*, digital preservation *Issues* with those Datasets, and digital preservation *Solutions* to those Issues. Triples composed of a Dataset, Issue and a Solution describe an end to end digital preservation challenge. The lists below were all generated by attendees at [SPRUCE Project|SPR:Home] events.{info}

This format was developed to capture the results of Mashup events that were held as part of the [AQuA Project|AQuA:Home] and has subsequently been developed and used within the [SCAPE Project|] further [hackathon events|KB:2011-09-27 Practical tools for digital preservation - A Hackathon, York] and the [SPRUCE Project|SPR:Home].

h4. Datasets:

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h4. Issues:

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h4. Solutions:

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{info}This page has been replaced by [this one|REQ:Digital Preservation and Data Curation Requirements and Solutions].{info}