Verify if data (a file) is not existing anymore

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| *Title* \\ | _Verify if data (a file) is not existing anymore_ \\ |
| *Detailed description* | _An object needs to be deleted and one needs to be absolutely sure that the object is  not existing in any form anymore in the system_\\
_It also needs to be sure that only this object has been deleted and no other objects are affected._ \\
| *Detailed description* | _A detailed description of the Issue. The Issue_ *{_}MUST{_}* _focus on the busines or preservation driven challenge, and should not assume or prescribe a particular solution. Describe what the Issue is, why you have the Issue, and what your requirements are for a Solution. For example, it might be important that a technical solution runs on UNIX, or has a GUI front end and is easy to use, or needs to process records efficiently as the Dataset is large._ |
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