Crowd sourced Representation Information for Supporting Preservation (cRIsp)

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_cRIsp: A new initiative to encourage collaboration in collecting representation information to support long term digital preservation _
{tip}{*}cRIsp is now live\! Get involved by following the simple instructions below.*{tip}{info}
{tip}{*}cRIsp is now live\! Get involved by following the simple instructions below. Check out this blog post on our* *[launch of cRIsp in an impassioned presentation at iPRES2012|]**.*{tip}{info}

[Click here to see what's been contributed so far...|] (there are two worksheets, check them both\!)
cRIsp is aiming to combat these challenges by drawing upon the wisdom and knowledge of the crowd to identify online sources of RI, and then collect, classify, and preserve them. We've aimed to set the barrier for participation as low as possible. Anyone can easily contribute URLs via a really simple web form, or by tweeting and including @dpref. The collated results will then be passed to participating web archives who can crawl the sites and preserve them for posterity.

See the *[FAQ|SPR:cRIsp - Frequently Asked Questions]* for more details.
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