Draft JHOVE TIFF module vs. ImageMagick

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For 5 files of the test corpus JHOVE throws the "_Premature End-of-File_"-Error, which usually hints at a fatal error with the file. Often parts of the file are missing, a typical issue is that the file was not completely downloaded/uploaded and the last chunk of the file is not there. JHOVE usually realises missing chunks at the end of a file.

Four of the five files ([spreadsheet|https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AsJNXEjJlfYau1JmCj7YiEr1WNNlA-hHvXoJ4O3A7nw/edit#gid=722911667]) do look very suspicious. Two cannot be opened, two are black, one looks as if parts of the text were missing ([file screenshot\|../../../../../../../../../../download/attachments/182779906/EOF_screenshot.jpg?version=1&modificationDate=1483972956000|]). At least most tools agree that something is wrong with the files. Only the DPF manager considers one of the 5 files to be valid. Looking at the error messages of the DPF manager, there is no hint of a premature file ending.

ImageMagick throws the error "unexpected end-of-file", but for five other files of the corpus ([listed here|https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AsJNXEjJlfYau1JmCj7YiEr1WNNlA-hHvXoJ4O3A7nw/edit#gid=722911667]). JHOVE reports other errors for these files, but at least again all validation tools agree on the invalidity of the files. They certainly look damaged in the viewer and one of them cannot even be opened. The DPF manager could not even analyse these five files, they all were omitted in the analysis.