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* third party artefacts (jars, apps, dlls) provide links and documents instead.

h2.New Repository Checklist
You'll need to decide the following before requesting a repository, include the information in the request to create the repository please.
You should be able to populate a minimal GitHub file stating the purpose of the project, the audience, and a contact point for further information.
h3.Project Information
To create a project repository for you we'll need some information about the repo, at the very least:
h3. License
{tip:title=State Your License}
It pays to decide your license policy before putting your code on-line using a public code sharing service. The OPF doesn't mandate which license you should use, just that you choose one that is permissive enough to allow us to host the code. Individual projects may also choose their own license with the same stipulation, the OPF only requires that you choose and that you document the choice in a plain text LICENSE file.
h3. Initial File
When a repository is created, a file will also be created in the root directory. The contents of the file are displayed on the project's Github page, this is [the GitHub help page for repo creation and READNE,md|]. The can be edited as a plain text file, but GitHub also supports [GitHub flavoured Markdown |] for text formatting.