Wang Laboratories, Inc. Records 5.25" disk images

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*Issues brainstorm*

* Used Bitcurator forensics tools to analyze the Wang disk images.
* Bulk Extractor viewer showed no results for data search.
* Fiwalk was unable to recognize the file system of these disks.
* Using FTK Imager, some disks are FAT12 and some are unrecognized
* Will need to use other tools to discover what is on the Wang disks.
* Unable to proceed further with Wang disks. Will continue testing/research regarding disk format. 
* Successfully used Bitcurator tools on similar disk images (5.25" FAT12 from 1989). Concluded that the issue is with the Wang disks in particular.
* The second set of disks were likely written on an IBM machine, while the Wang disks were likely written on a Wang machine, which could have caused the problems analyzing them.

*List of Issues*