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The table above shows that error 1.2.9 isn't reported for the Acrobat Engineering PDFs, even though a manual check in a hex editor confirms that these files do contain embedded file streams. This is most likely a bug in Preflight (reported [here|]).

h2. Recommendations

h3. Pre-ingest

* Formulate policy on how to deal with file attachments, and the long-term accessibility requirements of attached files.
* Use [Apache Preflight|Apache PDFBox] to establish if files contain file attachments.
* If attached files are to remain accessible in the long term, a possible option would be to extract attached files before ingest, and ingest the attachments as supplementary file objects to the PDF.

h3. Existing collections

* Use [Apache Preflight|Apache PDFBox] to detect files with file attachments in collection.

h2. Example files
* [] - PDF Cabinet of Horrors on OPF Format Corpus