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| *Institution* | British Library (on behalf of many institutions) \\ |
| *Collection expert* | Lynda Barraclough (EAP Curator) \\ |
| *List of issues* | Unable to open TIFF files in any program. \\
| *List of issues* | [Unable to open TIFF files in any program|AQuA:EAP Issue 1 Broken TIFF images]. \\
[Unable to open TIFF files in Photoshop |EAP Issue 2 TIFF images that will not to open in Photoshop or Adobe Bridge](default viewer used by EAP). \\
Photoshop complaining of invalid ICC profile. \\
[Extracting metadata from TIFFs, WAVs (and other file types?). |AQuA:EAP Issue 3 Metadata Extraction from audio, video and image files]\\
[Detecting possible visual issues|AQuA:Quality issues in digitised pages] and [here|AQuA:EAP Issue 4 Detecting Visual Errors] (possible data corruption). \\
[Detecting incomplete sequences in directory |AQuA:EAP Issue 6 Identify Missing or Out of sequence files](filename pattern recognition). \\
[Detecting missing images |AQuA:EAP Issue 5 Identifying empty folders](empty folders). \\
[Missing pages|AQuA:Identifying missed or duplicated pages]\\
EAP receives material from third party projects across the world, so it would be useful if tools could be made available to the projects during digitisation. For this reason, the tools should be as user friendly as possible, and work across a variety of platforms. \\ |