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| *Collection expert* | Lynda Barraclough (EAP Curator) \\ |
| *List of issues* | [Unable to open TIFF files in any program|AQuA:EAP Issue 1 Broken TIFF images]. \\
[Unable to open TIFF files in Photoshop |AQuA:EAP Issue 2 TIFF images that refuse will not to open in Photoshop or Adobe Bridge](default viewer used by EAP). \\
Photoshop complaining of invalid ICC profile. \\
[Extracting metadata from TIFFs, WAVs (and other file types?). |AQuA:EAP Issue 3 Metadata Extraction from audio, video and image files]\\
[Detecting possible visual issues|AQuA:Quality issues in digitised pages] and [here|AQuA:EAP Issue 4 Detecting Visual Errors] (possible data corruption). \\
[Detecting incomplete sequences in directory |AQuA:EAP Issue 6 Identify Missing or Out of sequence files](filename pattern recognition). \\
[Detecting missing images |AQuA:EAP Issue 5 Identifying empty folders](empty folders). \\