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| *Licensing* | *{_}Non-exclusive licence to take relevant preservation actions._*  Formerly public website and archive material that was publically available from a JISC project \\ |
| *Owner* | _University of Leeds_ \\ |
| *Dataset Location* | currently on drive, ask Jodie for copy \\ |
| *Dataset Location* | currently on drive at mash-up / hackathon event, ask Jodie for a copy if you wish to conduct forensics on materials.  \\
Post mash-up / hackathon event: material is part of the University of Leeds, University Archive contact Special Collections, [[email protected]|mailto:specialcolle[email protected]]{color:#5c5b56} {color}\\ |
| *Collection Champion* | Jodie Double \\ |
| *Issues brainstorm* | * reputation and trusworthiness of resource
* no idea what files are stored (images, web pages etc...)
* files came in on floppy disks and CDs |
* |
| *List of Issues* | _A list of links to detailed Issue pages relevant to this Dataset_ \\ |