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Page: IS45 Audio and Video Recordings have unreliable broadcast time information Niels Bjarke Reimer Jul 19, 2013
Page: IS46 Book page image duplicate detection within one book Sven Schlarb Oct 10, 2012
Page: IS47 Identify Preservation Risks from audio+video characterisation information Asger Askov Blekinge Jan 23, 2013
Page: IS48 Validate archival files against an institutional content policy regarding formats Niels Bjarke Reimer Jul 16, 2013
Page: IS49 Large scale ingest of a large book collection Sven Schlarb Feb 11, 2013
Page: IS5 Digital objects archive contains unidentified content Bjarne Andersen Sep 26, 2012
Page: IS6 Determine render-ability of displayable web objects Bjarne Andersen Sep 26, 2012
Page: IS7 Incompleteness and and inconsistency of web archive data Leïla Medjkoune Oct 01, 2014
Page: IS8 Diversity of office document formats in digital objects archive Bjarne Andersen Sep 26, 2012
Page: IS9 Archive system migration preserving and enriching AIPs Bjarne Andersen Sep 26, 2012
Page: ISIS Experimental data Catherine Jones Oct 18, 2013
Page: Issue Overview Paul Wheatley Dec 06, 2011
Page: Issue Proforma Paul Wheatley Sep 01, 2011
Page: Issues Maureen Pennock Jul 02, 2012
Page: Java packaging Hélder Silva May 15, 2012
Page: JISC1 19th Century Digitised Newspapers Peter Cliff Oct 12, 2012
Page: Jpylyzer usage on image content Hélder Silva Feb 27, 2013
Page: KB Hadoop Platform Clemens Neudecker Mar 05, 2014
Page: KB Metamorfoze Image Migration & QA Clemens Neudecker Mar 26, 2014
Page: KB Metamorfoze Migration (sample batch) Clemens Neudecker Mar 10, 2014
Page: KB Open Access Journals PDFs Johan van der Knijff Jan 23, 2013
Page: KB Web Archive Dataset (sample batch) Clemens Neudecker Apr 14, 2014
Page: Large scale access at hospital Tomasz Parkola Dec 23, 2013
Page: Large scale access for educational purposes Tomasz Parkola Dec 23, 2013
Page: Large scale analysis Tomasz Parkola Dec 23, 2013
Page: Large Scale Audio Migration Bolette Ammitzbøll Jurik Dec 06, 2013
Page: Large Scale Digital Repository Testbed Peter Cliff Jan 11, 2013
Page: Large scale document characterization and identification with Tika and DRIOID on SCAPE Azure platform Rune Bruun Ferneke-Nielsen Jul 15, 2014
Page: Large Scale Image Migration William Palmer Nov 06, 2013
Page: Large Scale Ingest Peter Cliff Jul 10, 2013