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Page: raw2nexus Experiment at STFC Alastair Duncan Apr 08, 2014
Page: raw2nexus migration large dataset big files Alastair Duncan Jul 09, 2014
Page: raw2nexus migration large dataset copied from small dataset Alastair Duncan Jun 30, 2014
Page: raw2nexus small dataset evaluation Alastair Duncan Jun 27, 2014
Page: RDST Experimental Datasets Catherine Jones Oct 18, 2013
Page: RDST1 General Scientific Data Handling Scenarios Erica Yang Jan 16, 2013
Page: RDST10-EX1 - UK Electoral Register William Palmer Dec 13, 2013
Page: RDST2 Format Migration of (raw) Scientific Datasets Erica Yang Aug 30, 2012
Page: RDST3 Maintaining understandability and usability of raw data through external resources Erica Yang Aug 30, 2012
Page: RDST4 Preserving the value of raw data and verifiability of processed datasets forming part of a scientific workflow Erica Yang Aug 30, 2012
Page: Reading List - Effective, Evidence-Based Preservation Planning Rune Bruun Ferneke-Nielsen Nov 11, 2013
Page: Refined Evaluation Methodology (MS78) Rune Bruun Ferneke-Nielsen Mar 24, 2014
Page: Relevant examples (other) Becky McGuinness Nov 02, 2011
Page: Repository APIs Asger Askov Blekinge Jun 25, 2014
Page: Repository Migration Becky McGuinness Nov 02, 2011
Page: Repository Profiling Bolette Ammitzbøll Jurik Apr 10, 2014
Page: Repository Reference Implementation Matthias Hahn Nov 14, 2013
Page: Repository System frank asseg Jul 18, 2011
Page: Requirements for Platform Markus Plangg Sep 05, 2012
Page: Requirements on Preservation Tools Rainer Schmidt Sep 07, 2011
Page: Research Dataset Scenarios Maureen Pennock Jun 29, 2012
Page: Research Datasets Testbed Rune Bruun Ferneke-Nielsen Dec 17, 2013
Page: Research Object Linkage Monitoring Over Time Alastair Duncan May 30, 2014
Page: Resource management Matthias Rella Nov 07, 2012
Page: Resources - SCAPE Training event - Guimaraes Becky McGuinness Dec 10, 2012
Page: Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages Paul Wheatley Sep 16, 2011
Page: Roadmap for year two MR Jul 02, 2012
Page: Running Hadoop in Azure Ivan Vujic Jan 10, 2012