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Debian package "hello-world"

In order to package a dummy "hello-world", it's assumed that you have the required software to do it installed and that you follow all the needed steps. It's also assumed that you are running an operating system that allows .deb package installation.

For the impatient, download file [Debian Packaging^hello.tar.gz] (contains the necessary files to the "hello-world" package) and go straight ahead to step ???.

Contents of hello.tar.gz: 

  • changelog - file that contains information about version number, revision, distribution, and urgency. (More info)
  • compat - file that specifies the compatibility mode. Nowadays, it goes from 1 (default) to 9, each one specifying particular behaviour of some of the tasks execute in particular targets of the build process. (More info)
  • control - file that contains important information of the package, namely the package name, maintainer, dependencies (build dependencies, execution dependencies) and others, that are useful for package related programs: dpkg, apt-get, etc. (More info)

Descriptive steps to build, install and run the content of the package:

  1. BUILD
  3. RUN 

Descriptive steps to build the package:

  1. Know the contents of the files needed for building the Debian package, namely:
    Instructions on how to add this source to aptitude are needed
    Please provide instructions and provide example files on how to create the "hello world" of .deb packages.

    For instructions on building Debian packages several tutorials exists: 

  • Rolling your own Debian packages part 1 and part 2
  • (add more...)
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