National Videogame Archive - Game Preservation & Public Access Solutions

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National Videogame Archive - Game Preservation & Public Access Solutions

Detailed description

Data Extraction - 

Extracting data from portable media at risk - trusted, reliable data extraction tools. Staff time/resources?

Kryoflux, FC5025 -

Digital Archive - 

Set up networked, backed up digital storage drive - similar to BR-RPS. Produce audit of digital files. Work with ICT and procure storage - £2000 for 1tb, can grow over time. How will this be funded?

Link data to MIMSY - work with ICT/CCI staff to add new fields within the cataloguing software to hyperlink/reference digital files and supporting materials.

Emulation - 

Create list of reliable emulation platforms and supporting information

Develop emulation platform that can support various formats

Develop dedicated visitor friendly emulation archives with individual control mechanisms for different platforms/games

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