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Working plan

Pig examples

-- Simple language detection example
--register 'target/warcbase-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-fatjar.jar';
DEFINE ArcLoader org.warcbase.pig.ArcLoader();
DEFINE ExtractRawText org.warcbase.pig.piggybank.ExtractRawText();
DEFINE DetectLanguage org.warcbase.pig.piggybank.DetectLanguage();
raw = load '$testArcFolder'
    using ArcLoader() as (url: chararray, date:chararray, mime:chararray, content:chararray);
b = foreach raw generate url, mime, ExtractRawText(content) as content;
-- c = foreach b generate url,mime,DetectLanguage(content) as lang;
c1 = foreach b generate DetectLanguage(content) as lang;
d = group c1 by lang;
g = foreach d generate group, COUNT(c1);
store e into '$experimentfolder/e';

For now clone and checkout the pig-integration branch. Running the unit tests will run the above Pig Latin script on the provided test gzip'ed ARC file. The language distribution reported by Tika is:


Create UDFs for

  • language detection using Tika
  • identification using Tika
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