Database Archiving & Migration Tools

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These tools take database system files or use live connections to databases to migrate the content to archival forms or more recent database engines.

Page: DeepArc — Intended for preserving web sites from the back-end, this is a database-to-XML curation tool.
Labels: database, webarchive, tool
Page: RODA DBML — Migrates databases to an XML schema, DBML. Can then provide access by dumping DBML to MySQL and showing it in phpMyAdmin.
Labels: database, lgpl, tool
Page: CSV2SIARD — A tool to create SIARD containers from CSV files.
Labels: database, preservation, archiving, csv, comma-separated, conversion, migration, convert
Page: SIARD-VAL — A tool to validate SIARD containers
Labels: database, archiving, tool, validation, container, fixity
Page: AccessToSiard — A collection of scripts to automatically convert MS Access files to the SIARD format.
Labels: database, preservation, migration, convert, conversion, siard, access
Page: FoxPro
Labels: database, dbf, foxpro, migration, format
Page: NESSTAR SERVER — NSD produces an innovative suite of software that has been designed to enable publishers and users of social and economic data (and other similarly structured data) to exploit the new generation of web technologies.
Labels: database
Page: SIARD — Software Independent Archiving of Relational Databases.
Labels: database, tool
Page: DANS MIXED — Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data.
Labels: database, tool
Page: CHRONOS — Database Retirement, Partial and Ongoing Database Archiving, Application Retirement.
Labels: database, tool
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