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Tomasz Hofmann (PSNC)

Evaluation points

Assessment of measurable points
Metric Description Metric baseline Metric goal July 21, 2014
number of objects per second the number of HL7 files parsed in one second - - 69.60 [obj/s]

Note:  *as an object we proposed to use one HL7 file

Metrics must be registered in the metrics catalogue


Technical details

Test 1

Evaluation notes


The experiment is composed of the following steps (accordingly to the MapReduce schema):

  1. the map task,
    1. for each HL7 file saved on HDFS do:
      1. parse document in order to find out abnormal laboratory results - count them and next add into the context the following pair: Key=icd10 code, Value=the count of the abnormal results 
  2. the reduce task:
    1. for each icd10 code accumulate the count of the abnormal results
    2. produce the result pair Key=icd10 code, Value=the number of abnormal results
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