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Tomasz Hofmann (PSNC)

Evaluation points

Assessment of measurable points
Metric Description Metric baseline Metric goal July 21, 2014 [Test 1] July 23, 2014 [Test 2]
number of objects per second the number of HL7 files parsed in one second - - 69.60 [obj/s]
1136 [obj/s]

Note:  *as an object we proposed to use one HL7 file

Metrics must be registered in the metrics catalogue


Technical details

Test 1*

**test on HDFS (map-reduce task)

Test 2**

**test on local file system (emulation of map-reduce task)

Evaluation notes


The experiment is composed of the following steps (accordingly to the MapReduce schema):

  1. the map task,
    1. for each HL7 file saved on HDFS do:
      1. parse document in order to find out abnormal laboratory results - count them and next add into the context the following pair: Key=icd10 code, Value=the count of the abnormal results 
  2. the reduce task:
    1. for each icd10 code accumulate the count of the abnormal results
    2. produce the result pair Key=icd10 code, Value=the number of abnormal results
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