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| *Title* | _SO{_}8 QA for TIFF to JP2K conversion (image comparison tool based on histograms and profiles) |
| *Detailed description* | Standard image processing features (e.g. histograms, profiles) are calculated and compared. This level detects differences in toning as well as geometrically misalignments. \\
extractfeatures.exe&nbsp; [&#45;-numbins <int>\||] [&#45;n <string>\||] ... [&#45;-l2\||] [&#45;-l1\||] [&#45;-version|] [-h] <file> \\
Extract color histogram features from passed image file. The ‘extractFeatures’ tool has two input parameters: the URL to the input image file and the number of histogram bins as integer. The output is an XML file \\
compare.exe&nbsp; \[\--metric <str>\] \[-l <int>\] \[--\] \[-\-version\] \[-h\] <file1> <file2> compare.exe test.1.xml test.2.xml \\
XML files containing histogram features from one image file are compared with correspondent XML features files of the second image file using QA tool ‘compare’. The ‘compare’ tool has three input parameters. These are two URLs to the XML histogram files that comprise information about image features. These files are acquired using ‘extractFeatures’ tool. The third parameter is an image histogram metric string for histogram comparison (CV_COMP_CHISQRCV_COMP_CORREL, CV_COMP_INTERSECT, CV_COMP_BHATTACHARYYA). \\
Comparison result comprises different characteristics provided with value between 0 and 1. 0 means that images are similar and 1 means they are different. Also the workflow provides output of processing log, return code (0 if successful). \\
Both tools are written in C+\+ and provided as executables using associated DLLs on Windows or shared objects on Linux \\
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| *[Solution Champion|SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages]* \\ | [Huber-Mörk Reinhold|] (AIT), [Schindler Alexander|] (AIT), [Graf Roman|] (AIT) |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* \\ | [IS1 Digitised TIFFs do not meet storage and access requirements]\\
[IS10 Potential bit rot in image files that were stored on CD] (partly) \\ |
| *myExperiment Link* \\ | [|] |
| *Tool Registry Link* \\ | Necessary configuration files are stored on Github ([]). As a template for creation of image workflows was used xa-toolwrapper project from [Schlarb Sven|] ([|]). |
| *Evaluation* \\ | TBD |