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h1. What do you want to do?


h2. I want to share information about digital preservation.

* To contribute to [our knowledge base|KB:], first [join the OPF Labs service|KB:Joining the OPF Labs site] and then you'll able to edit the [wiki|].
* You can also blog about digital preservation issues on [the main OPF site|]. Just [join up|] and [let us know|] if you want to blog.

h2. I want to share my wish-list for Digital Preservation Tools

* MyToolsWish-List.
* My Requirements and Use cases

h2. I want to install and use the Planets Suite software.

* Download
* Documentation

h2. I want to develop software using the Planets Suite.

* Mailing list.
* Source code.
* See [PT:Developing with the OPF] for details.

h2. I want to do something else\!

If we've missed an important case tell us at: [email protected]