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{warning:title=Deprecated!}Virtual Stand-ups have not been running for quite some time, so these pages have been deprecated.{warning}
 {warning:title=Stand-ups no longer running!}
These calls have been replaced by a [SCAPE developers IRC channel|SP:SCAPE IRC Channels].

After trialling these 'stand-up' meetings, it has become clear that it was not working effectively. What we learnt:
* Too little happens within the research developments to make it worthwhile on a day-to-day basis
* Few developers were turning up (Scrum would have probably enforced a penalty for failure to show/lateness)
* Calls worked best when there was a specific topic to discuss
* The drop in nature of GotoMeeting was a positive over skype, but not enough to overcome the above points

It is still useful to encourage discussion and closer communication between developers so it is proposed to start using [IRC|SP:SCAPE IRC Channels].

We run twice-a-week 'stand-up' meetings for the developers on the SCAPE project.  This idea is borrowed from the [Scrum development approach|], where the idea is to use very brief and very regular meetings to help ensure all the developer's know what's going on. Of course, not every developer can attend every meeting, but we encourage you to attend as many as possible as this will really help cross-work-package integration.

The meetings will be powered by [GoToMeeting|], running every Tuesday and Thursday, at 10:30 GMT, 11:30 CET, for up to 30 mins in total (last 15 mins are optional). See the [TCC Calendar|].

The meeting will be chaired by [~anjackson] ([SP:Technical Coordinator]) or, if he is not available, [~pmay] or [~carlwilson-bl].

ALL are welcome to attend and EVERY developer/techie should try to attend at least once per week, but only developers are expected to speak (see the agenda below).

When joining the meeting, please set your user name so that the initials of your institution are included. e.g. "Andy Jackson (BL)"

The first meeting will be held on Monday the 9th of January, and will be largely dedicated to ensuring everyone can get online and join easily. Before the meeting, please use [this link|] to check if you can use the system.

GoToMeeting is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android: See []

h2. Agenda

First 15 mins, a strictly enforced 1-2 mins per developer (depending on number of developers present), on

* What you worked on since last meeting.
* What you're working on next.
* Anything you are stuck on.

Any issues that come up will be parked, and should be followed up offline. For example, if someone is stuck on something and you can help, you should contact the person directly, outside the meeting. If you don't know how to contact them, ask the [SP:Technical Coordinator] or whoever ran the meeting.

The remaining, optional 15 mins give the participants time to discuss any issues arising, if they so wish.