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h1. Introduction

The [SCAPE GitHub repository|] provides an [Issues page|] for describing and tracking bugs and issues relating to the software.  This issues list can be connected with Eclipse via the Mylyn plugin to enable efficient processing of issues without needing to visit the GitHub site.

h1. Mylyn

The [Eclipse Mylyn Plugin|] provides a consolidated view of issues stored in an issues list (such as the GitHub ones) and enables a task-focused approach to software development.  In particular a developer can set up different views, called "queries", on the task list to group tasks into collections they consider important.  For example, the openplanets/scape repository currently has the following 4 issues, with one labelled "XA-ToolWrapper" and assigned to Carl; these can be seen in Eclipse by setting up two queries, and are displayed as:


h2. Mylyn Installation

# Select "Install New Software" wizard from the Help menu and add the following software site:
#* Mylyn for Eclipse Indigo - []
# Select all the "Mylyn Features" for installation and click "next" a few times to install.

Mylyn "Task List" should be viewable from the "Window->Show View" menu, however to view the issues in the relevant GitHub issues list, you need to install a GitHub connector.

h2. GitHub Mylyn Connector

[!!|] Drag and drop this install icon into a running Eclipse Indigo workspace to install the GitHub Mylyn Connector.

*{_}Note,_* _make sure you have "Eclipse EGit" installed first otherwise the connection installation wizard will complain:_

# Add the following site in the "Install New Software" wizard:
#* EGit for Eclipse \- []
#  Check "Eclipse EGit" and "EGit Mylyn" under "Eclipse Git Team Provider" and click "next" a few times to install.

h2. Task Lists

With the connector installed, click the arrow next to the "New Task" to add a Issues list repository.  This wizard should list 3 connectors "GitHub Gists", "GitHub Issues" and "GitHub Pull Requests".

For the SCAPE repository, enter the server URL as below and also add your GitHub login credentials.  


Click Finish and the Mylyn Issues repository has been added.  

h3. Task Queries

When adding the repository you may also be asked if you want to set up a new query.  You can also do this at a later stage by selecting "New Query" from the "New Task" drop down menu and selecting the appropriate repository.  Fill in the query parameters to restrict the view of the task lists as appropriate.  Queries can be deleted from the Task List view without affecting the tasks stored on the GitHub issues list.