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{info}This is the home page for the SPRUCE Mashup Glasgow event that was held 16th-18 April 2012. Navigate [here for other SPRUCE events|SPR:SPRUCE Events].{info}

This page provides links to everything you need throughout the event, so bookmark it now\!

[The Programme|SPR:SPRUCE Mashup Glasgow - Programme, 16-18 April 2012]

h4. Event results

Mashing results are collated here: [SPR:Glasgow Datasets, Issues and Solutions]

Business plan work is collated here: [SPR:Glasgow Business Plan Results]

[SPRUCE Glasgow Summary Blog Post: Mashing it up across the border|] by Paul Wheatley

h4. Other useful links:

* [SPR:Sign up for Github and the Wiki]
* Dinner on the 16th will be at [Shandon Belles|], which is [here|,+500+Argyle+Street,+Glasgow,+Glasgow,+United+Kingdom&daddr=652+Argyle+Street,+Glasgow,+G3+8UF&hl=en&sll=55.861116,-4.269884&sspn=0.009622,0.01929&geocode=FWpZVAMd692-_yGKblAIU0AzeSkxx23kgkaISDH7yioIqAA76w%3BFZVeVAMd5NC-_ylhcEkTgkaISDH3KgGPdi_d4A&oq=Glasgow+&dirflg=w&mra=ltm&t=m&z=17].
* Need inspiration for tools that you can use? [Some tool resources|Digital Preservation Tools]...

Please sign up for this\! [Stack Exchange proposal for DP|]

[SPRUCE Glasgow Evaluation survey (for Wednesday\!)|]