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This Hackathon will focus on preservation workflows and systems. It will consider a large number of widely available tools that are being used both by the community and in industry.

With a focus on end-to-end digital preservation, this workshop will look at the various tools that can be used at all stages of the digital preservation process and outline how these can be used in simplistic workflows. 

Practitioners are asked to bring along their problematic digital objects and/or collections and aid the developers to create real solutions that work for you. 

This hackathon is perhaps more open ended than previous workshops and focuses on any part of a preservation system is encouraged. However, it is hoped that people can transfer their solutions to others by utilising small tools to solve a real problem. 

If you wish to present at the event then please make this clear when you register or contact [email protected]

h2. *Agenda*

[Agenda - OPF Hackathon - A Practical Approach to Preservation Systems|KB:Agenda - OPF Hackathon - A Practical Approach to Preservation Systems]

[KB:Montpellier Datasets, Issues and Solutions]: for capturing requirements and solutions to preservation challenges

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h2. *Who should attend?*

*Digital preservation practitioners*; digital librarians and archivists, digital curators, repository managers and those with a responsibility for or an interest in preservation workflows and systems. You are asked to bring with you a sample of one of your digital collections or related data that you will champion throughout the event. We will pair you up with a technical expert who will help to solve your challenges.
*Developers* who write or deploy digital preservation software. We invite people who have a responsibility for testing and implementing preservation workflows and systems, or who are interested in the technical challenges of preservation workflows and systems. You will be teamed up with practitioners who need your help. Importantly the event is also an opportunity to work with other developers within the digital preservation community who might help solve your own problems, expand your technical skills, and learn about new toolsets.

h2. *Why attend?*

* Participate in a collaborative approach to tackling digital preservation challenges
* Share best practices and learn from other organisations
* Learn about articulating requirements and refining them into use cases for tool development
* See tool demonstrations and provide feedback
* Learn about managing digital collections
* Meet new contacts in the digital preservation community
* Develop new skills

h2. *Registration *

Registration is now open: [|]. {color:#000000}Members are invited to attend free-of-charge (please use the code issued to your main point of contact at your organisation). Non-members are welcome at the rate of EUR 200.00.{color}

{color:#000000}Registration closes Tuesday 15 May 2012.{color}

h2. Location

950 Rue de Saint-Priest
34000 Montpellier

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h2. *Event dinner *

The event dinner will take place at Le Petit Jardin, {color:#6f6f6f}20 Street J-Jacques Rousseau - 34000 Montpellier {color}on Monday 21 May at 20.00. [|]

h2. *Recommended hotels*

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h2. Travel information

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