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h2. Summary

| Purpose | Bulk renaming of files - free downloadable software |
| Homepage \\ | [|]\\ |
| Source Code Repository \\ | [http://source.repository.url/] |
| License \\ | The license, which should also be a tag |
| Debian Package | The Debian package, if any, e.g. [] \\ |

h2. Description

THE Rename version *2.1.6* (dated February 2004) is a *donationware* designed to help you rename files en masse with a number of possibilities and options.

Rename files, directories, change/delete extensions, change filename case, export tags from music files and tags images.

h2. User Experiences

I use it to rename tif images to a Library microfilm shelfmark number as part of tif checking and management. I have also used it to rename other files when there has been slippage in the numbering and matching process. It is quick and easy and reversible. There is a preview option so you can check one file before renaming thousands.

h2. News Feeds

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