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The IRC channel seems to have fallen into disuse, so this page is moved here to avoid confusion

h1. SCAPE Channels

The following private IRC channels are available for SCAPE users:

* *\#scape-dev* (server:
** Intended for SCAPE developers, in place of the [SCAPE Daily Virtual Stand-Up Technical Meeting|SP:SCAPE Daily Virtual Stand-Up Technical Meeting]

h2. How to join a channel using Mibbit

# Navigate in your web browser to []
# In the centre of the screen it will ask you to connect, select (in the case of the SCAPE developers channel) the "{color:#000000}{*}chat4all \[webirc\]*{color}" server
# Put in a nickname of your choice (you can change this later) and enter the channel name, e.g. {color:#000000}*\#scape-dev{*}{color} (don't forget the #)
# Click connect and you should be there

(With Mibbit you can also register as a user and store your nickname and channel connections)

h1. IRC Clients

Suggested IRC clients:

* [Mibbit web app|]\*\* Browser based IRC client, so suitable if IT block access to the typical IRC ports (something like 6660-6669)
* [mIRC|]\*\* Popular, Windows based IRC client

Please feel free to add others.

h1. {color:#000000}{*}IRC Tutorials{*}{color}



h1. Creating an IRC Channel

Follow these instructions: