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h3. Wednesday 5 December

h4. Aim

{note} To be completed {note}

h4. Overview
{note}As far as we (Becky/Dave) see this day.

Session 1  Context and scene setting based upon the European Capital of Culture 2012 link. Why is this day related? What are the issues in culture that couple to digital preservation (DO NOT describe digital preservation)? This is basically the inspiring keynote (who is giving it?)

Session 2 The Digital Preservation Bootcamp. What is digital preservation? (get a load of stuff from the DPC and PASIG Bootcamp) Who is presenting? DO NOT mention stuff too much from Session 1

Session 3 Bridging the gap. Describe what incredible projects are helping link session 1 to session 2. Where are the valuable examples of culture preservation and what did we learn from them? (This includes the KEEPS presentation)

Session 4  Panel and Open Discussion.


To be completed {note}

* Will be focused on art based material?
* Have a panel on 5th with some digital artists, what is the connection?
* Training days focus on....

h4. Who should attend?

{note} To be completed {note}

E.g. E.g. The general public: those interested in preserving/archiving their own digital materials such as photographs, music and documents.

h4. Why attend?

{note} To be completed {note}

h4. Learning Outcomes:


The intended learning outcomes should outline:
• Knowledge and understanding
• Intellectual skills
• Practical skills
• Transferable skills


{note} To be completed {note}

h4. Session Plans:
{note} To be completed {note}

h4. Agenda

[Agenda - Sustaining Digital Culture 2012|Agenda - Sustaining Digital Culture 2012|Agenda - Sustaining Digital Culture 2012]