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h3. Presentations and notes from the event


h3. Blogs

The practitioners have spoken: "We need better characterisation\!": [|]

Years on from the registry, why has the preservation community not solved the problem of well managed and high quality data publication?: [|]

Big data processing: chaining Hadoop jobs using Taverna: [|]

FITS or not to FITS: [|]\\

Identification tool, an evaluation: [|]\\

A prototype image comparison tool for QA tasks in SCAPE project: [|]

C3PO: a content profiling tool for preservation analysis: []

h3. *Papers and publications*

Evaluation of format identification tools: [|]

h3. Tools

FITS: [|]

FIDO: [|]

TIKA: [|]

FILE: [|]



C3PO: []