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Slides from the Webinar can be downloaded [here|].

This webinar will focus on the benefits of addressing digital preservation challenges as a community. It will introduce a number of current resources, initiatives and projects, and explain how you can get involved, contribute to them, and get lots of value back.

h3. Community fail: what has gone wrong in the digital preservation community?

* Insufficient communication, awareness, sharing and collaboration
* Duplication / Reinvention / Insufficient reuse of existing tools/approaches
** Case study example: [digital preservation costing initiatives|CDP:Home], and blogged ["Digital Preservation Cost Modelling: Where did it all go wrong?"|]
** Case study example: [lists of digital preservation tools|SPR:Digital Preservation Tools]
** Lack of practitioner driven solutions
** Steve Knight quote, mismatch between user needs and DP solutions

h3. The benefits of collaboration: how working together is good for us all, but most importantly you

* Community benefits
* Individual benefits
* A note of caution

h3. Get involved: a sample of the best collaborative initiatives and how you can be part of them

* [Atlas of Digital Damages|[email protected]/pool/]: a simple crowd sourced approach to capturing and sharing visual examples of digital preservation challenges. Follow @AtlasOfDD on twitter. See Barbara's site [here|].
* [OPF Format Corpus|]: a collection of openly licensed files for facilitating tool testing and evaluation
* [Stack Exchange|]: Stack Exchange Libraries and Information Science: [A question and answer site for digital preservation|]
* File format initiatives: [cRIsp|SPR:Crowd sourced Representation Information for Supporting Preservation (cRIsp)]
* [SPRUCE Mashups|SPR:Just what is a SPRUCE Mashup and what's in it for me?] and [\#fileidhack|]: Collaborative events for solving digital preservation challenges.
* Also see these pages on agile open source development:
** [SPRUCE Mashup Manifesto|SPR:The SPRUCE Mashup Manifesto]
** [Developing with the OPF|PT:Developing with the OPF]

* [SPR:Collaborate with the digital preservation community]\! A list of collaborative initiatives for digital preservation

h3. The end result: what we can achieve when we collaborate

* Jpylyzer example
* [Datasets, Issues and Solutions|REQ:Digital Preservation and Data Curation Requirements and Solutions]: A crowd sourced repository of current digital preservation practice
* [Just Solve|]