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h1. Recommendation

As we are a cross-platform project, it is important that line-endings are handled consistently. Please abide by the general github advice: []

h2. Mac & Linux

As the page says, Mac and Linux users do not get to sit this out, and should also configure their git repo to commit Unix-style line endings.

h2. Windows msysgit

If you are using msysgit, you may be presented with these options:


Option two ('Checkout as-is, commit Unix-style line endings') should be used.

h2. Having Problems - Used the Wrong Setting?

A recent checkout of both the [SCAPE Tika repository|] and the [Apache Tika repository|] would not successfully pass all unit tests.  In particular, asserting the mime-type of the file (see testArchiveDetection(): [ Line283|]) failed (mime-type returned as "text/plain" not "application/x-archive").  A hex-editor comparison of this file against the same file checked out on a freshly installed laptop showed a difference in line endings for this particular test file (, suggesting a git line-ending configuration error.

h4. Solution

Detailed look at the git configuration showed that one particular setting, *core.autocrlf*, differed between set-ups, with the problematic PC having two different values set:
$ git config --system --list | grep crlf

$ git config --global --list | grep crlf
The *core.autocrlf* setting tells git to convert newlines to the system's standard when checking out files, and to LF newlines when committing back \[[]\].  This is the default behaviour when set to *true*; when set to *input*, line endings are always LF.  With both set, it seems the *system* settings override the *global* ones.

The solution is to only set a single core.autocrlf (either in system or global), in this case I opted to remove the system entry:

$ git config --system --unset core.autocrlf
The files can manually be edited also, and can be found in the following locations:

* system: %PROGRAM FILES%/Git/etc/gitconfig
* global:   \~/.gitconfig