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h2. Status

h2. Contact

Bolette Jurik (SB)

h2. User Story

As a memory institution, I want to ensure that content in our repositories conforms both to its file format specification and (where appropriate) the profile of that format as specified by the institutional policies. This is to ensure that our content conforms to existing preservation policies and also that content we ingest is acceptable within the bounds of those policies.

User Requirements/Components

# We assume that the content file format is known - i.e. we know the collection is a number of MPEG-1 movies.
# We need to be able to validate the file against its file format specification/structure.
# We need to be able to define the expected file format profile to be machine readable.
# We need to be able to compare the expected file format profile with the actual file format profile.

h2. Experiments

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h2. Developer Notes

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