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h2. Status

Jpylyzer has been successfully integrated into Rosetta SCAPE platform. Commencing performance tests.

h2. Investigator(s)

Opher Kutner, EXL, [email protected]

h2. Dataset

Initially using a small subset of the [BL Newspapers|].

h2. Platform

EXL Hosted Rosetta

h2. Workflow

Convert BL Newspaper TIFFs to JP2000 using Aware JP2000 SDK, per BL jp2 profile details as described [here|]. 

Load objects (METS) containing JP2000 into Rosetta

Extract technical md using jpylyzer wrapped as tech md extractor plugin and map to significant properties 

h2. Requirements and Policies

Confirm similar (or better) performance when running on multi-server environment.

h2. Evaluations

_Links to results of the experiment using the evaluation template._